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About us / Understanding of the company

We played a major role in the German financial market since 1976 and since 1980 the subject real value in its best form of appearance, the property, belongs to our most popular investment product. For generations the property is the queen of all investments. We see us as your competent and reliable partner for protection and conservation of value of your assets. The exclusive and stable in value property, the substance quality, the secured profits, value conservation and increase in value are the significant components of your solid financial protection, your precautionary strategy and your increase in assets.

Our network includes lawyers, tax consultants, architects, civil engineers, property development companies, insurance brokers, financing experts and professional superintendents.
Our network with partners of different areas, our experience of more than 35 years and more than thousand satisfied clients make us a competent partner for your real value investments of lasting value and your intentions of sale.

We accompany you professionally in the long-term with financial arrangement and processing of the real estate concept as investor or as owner-occupiers. As independent provider, we have access to first-class conditions of all available banks through financing platforms. We review your risks and secure them if needed. Furthermore, our affiliate company, as authorized insurance broker, can offer you additional instruments "custom-made" independently through our insurance platform.
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